Make Hip Hop Beats Online


It's Easy to Start. Make Hip Hop Beats Today.

Many people at some point want to start making hip hop beats. I was once one of these people. I never knew how to get started, so I suffered from analysis paralysis. However, I have been making beats for years now. I am more than willing to share some special information with you.

There is not much that you need to get started making your own hip hop beats. The first thing you are going to need is a beat making program. There are many such programs on the market today, but the one that I find best is actually the only online beat maker available. It's called Sonic Producer, and instead of buying just the software, you simply pay for a very affordable membership to the site. Membership includes unlimited beat making lessons, videos, thousands of preset sounds, and of course the beat making program itself.

Another option you have is to buy top of the line software, but I would not recommend this for beginners as these programs run into the hundreds of dollars and require complex knowledge of audio to make any beats at all. This is the reason I recommend Sonic Producer to friends... the low start up cost, and the fact that complete newbies can start making their own beats in minutes.

Okay, once your set up with a beat making program it's time to make your first beat. Start up your software. A basic beat is most commonly composed of a few different instruments: a kick drum, a high hat, bass line, a lead, and a clap, snap, or snare drum commonly called "hits". With Sonic Producer you can use up to 16 instruments per beat, which allows for almost unlimited variations and complexity.

In the first slot, choose a kick drum. The way I like to make beats is start with the bass and work your way up. Start with a basic 1-2-3-4 pattern, meaning a kick drum every 4 beats. Half way in between each kick drum hit, in the next slot put a hat, but only do the hat every 8 beats. This will create the signature hip hop "boom, shh, boom, boom, shh, boom, etc.".

After you have your hat and kick set up, you are going to want to add a bass line. Suggest a bass instrument from the drop down and match it to the amount of kicks you have. This time, you are going to want to vary the notes a bit. Try D-E-D-C for beginners, you don't need anything fancy.

If you've followed my instructions so far, you should have your very first hip hop beat! Once you nail the basics, it's not hard to make professional sounding beats. With all the tutorials that Sonic Producer membership offers, it shouldn't be long before you are making money licensing beats to local hip hop artists. You would be surprised what someone will pay for a good beat... a few hundred dollars is not uncommon. What are you waiting for? Start making your own beats today!